Why seek an Improper Equipment?
In some instances, we are able to reduce some traffic tickets to” Improper Equipment”.  This resolution should not result in any driver’s license and insurance points.   


How long do Driver’s License and Insurance Points stay on your driving record?
Ordinarily, driver’s license and insurance points remain on one’s records for three years. 


What is a Prayer For Judgment Continued (PJC)?

A Prayer for Judgment Continued is a disposition and not considered a conviction. North Carolina licensed drivers are allowed two PJCs to be used during a five-year period. However, two PJCs granted by the Court within three years will likely result in an insurance increase. A driver operating with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is not eligible for a PJC.


What is the difference between Waivable and Non-Waivable Offenses?
If your traffic citation does not indicate a court cost and fine to be paid, then that ticket is considered a serious traffic offense(non-waivable) and could result in a suspension of driving privileges.  It also indicates a required court appearance. Even if your traffic ticket does indicate a cost and fine (waivable), it is still suggested that you call the office to discuss the best disposition of the ticket.

Are there different requirements for the handling of traffic offenses for drivers ages 16, 17 and 18?
Yes, please contact my office to inquire.


Do I have to appear in Court on a traffic offense?
In most instances our clients do not have to appear in Court, but contact our office for further details. 


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