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Corry Law Firm’s uniquely designed “Blue Letter System” is the tool by which we offer our legal services to selected individuals charged with traffic and/or some criminal offenses. If hired, we utilize our in-house system to guide clients through the process and provide swift resolution and closure to their legal matter. Features built into our system include timely initial contact, helpful information and instructions, fee payment options, same-day response to contacts and lastly, documentation by mail or email of how a matter was cared for. With the effectiveness and efficiency of our “Blue Letter System” approach, clients who are out-of-county, out-of-state, and out-of-country as well as those clients that live within Cleveland County, NC often retain Corry Law Firm. You may be visiting this website as the result of such a contact.

We at Corry Law Firm find that the focus of good legal representation in traffic matters is to make every effort to avoid driver’s license points, costly insurance points, and driver’s license suspensions that might occur as a result of a traffic conviction. Depending on the nature of your traffic violation, Corry Law Firm may be able to handle your case without your appearance in Court. We understand that your time is valuable and we, therefore, make every effort to save you travel time and expense. In addition, our system spares you from the uncertainty of dealing with the Court System on your own.

We encourage you to respond to our initial contact or contact us on your own to see how our system might benefit you. We look forward to explaining the options for best handling your traffic and other criminal matters.